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Every home is unique and every pet is unique, so it stands to reason that every Invisible Fence solution should be unique as well. For this reason, Invisible Fence of the Triad will come out to your home for free to get to know your home, your pet, your budget, and your vision of what you're looking for.

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Invisible Fence of the Triad provides an entire portfolio of pet care and safety solutions which can be tailored to your animal. These solutions are safe and humane, and do not provide shocks or other painful corrective signals like competitor products may. These products work on dogs and cats of all sizes, breeds, and ages.

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The product line which Invisible Fence provides ranges from outdoors to indoors to the doors themselves! On the outside of the house, the company can install "fences" which can function as simple barriers around your property line and can be as sophisticated as keeping a pet within your back yard, while keeping him out of the swimming pool and away from the rose bushes.

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The interior of a home provides an animal with many opportunities to wreak havoc, and Invisible Fence of the Triad can address each of them. Does your dog have an appetite for expensive loafers and heels? Does your cat tend to jump on the counter and nibble at dinner before anyone else in your family? Invisible Fence can install small and discreet indoor solutions to correct any such issues. Even better, these solutions are compatible with their other products, so pets only need the one Invisible Fence collar.

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Finally, Invisible Fence of the Triad has even made improvements to the quintessential doggie door. Far from the flimsy rubber flap of yesterday, the Doorman Electronic Pet Door  is durable, insulated, and far from an eye-sore. The Doorman will only unlock itself for your pet, and can be programmed to function at specific hours of the day. This way, your dog can rise Saturday morning and go outside, while you sleep-in.

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Contact Invisible Fence of the Triad today for your free no-commitment consultation by calling 866-433-3647 or by filling out this online contact form.


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