Community Priced From Builder/Developer Phone
Homes from $100,000
Bitting Hall $159's True Homes 336-403-3230
Bluffs at Hillcrest $199's True Homes 336-390-0108
Border Creek $180's Select Builders 336-765-7676
Bridgton Place $154's True Homes 803-431-0001
Chandler Pointe $150's Express Homes 888-325-1978
Covington-Coming Soon Low $100's Alaris Homes 336-451-4007
Crestview Place $180's Multiple Builders 336-722-0331
Crosslands $160's Multiple Builders 336-725-0506
Eland Cove $199's Tayson's Inc. 336-726-2148
Falling Creek $130's TAF Building & Dev. 336-413-0800
High Knoll $199's Keystone Homes 336-500-1638
Kendall Farm $162's LGI Homes 336-893-8566
McCullough Ridge $190's Nicholas Alexander Building LLC 336-399-2586
Pilot Bluff $190's H & H Homes 336-813-3703
Sandalwood $190's Wade Jurney Homes 336-889-0095
Sunnyvale $177's Express Homes 888-325-1978
Turrentine Village $190's Nicholas Alexander Building LLC 336-399-2586
Whitehall Village $170's Keystone Homes 336-500-1638
Homes from $200,000
Arcadia Ridge $250's Shugart Homes 336-775-7073
Barrington Oaks $270's H & H Homes 336-444-3022
Belle Grove $240's Shugart Homes 336-909-0019
Bluestone $260's Eastwood Homes 866-551-7995
Brushy Creek $250's Multiple Builders 336-725-0506
Conrad Farm Mid $280's D.R. Horton 888-325-1978
Kinderton Village $260's Eastwood Homes 866-551-7995
Lochurst $250's Multiple Builders 336-725-0506
Meadowfield Run $290's Arden Communities 336-682-6822
Meadowfield View $230's Arden Communities 336-682-6822
Meadows of Grandview North $205's True Homes 336-403-3230
Merrimont Hills High $200's Halcyon Homes 336-745-8757
Montgomery Forest $200's Gerald Fletcher 336-546-7364
Montreat $200's Sagamore Homes 336-682-8416
Owl's Trail @ Caleb's Creek $245's Windsor Homes 336-847-1870
Peppertree High $200's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Rocklyn Upper $200's Sagamore Homes 336-262-0574
Rocklyn - Landing Low $200's Freedom Homes 888-325-1978
Sedona Upper $200's Sagamore Homes 336-262-0574
Somerset $220's Shugart Homes 336-775-7073
Summer Hill Farms $220's True Homes 803-431-0001
Vienna Estate $270's Isenhour 336-768-3300
Homes from $300,000
Bartlett Bluff $300's Arden Communities 336-399-1197
Binkley Farm $300's Arden Communities 336-782-4884
Bla-Mor Upper $300's Reliant Homes 336-782-6291
Bridgefield $300's Multiple Builders 336-528-2131
Concord Church Upper $300's Reliant Homes 336-782-6291
Crow Hill $400's Arden Communities 336-816-7629
Fair Oaks $300's Multiple Builders 336-816-3699
Fair Oaks - The Enclave High $300's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Fair Oaks - The Estates $300's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Fair Oaks - The Village High $300's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Fountainbrook $360's Karl Stimpson Builders, Inc. 336-345-1493
Grandview Crossing $300's Karl Stimpson Builders, Inc. 336-345-1493
Juniper Glen $350's Arden Communities 336-345-4834
Lauren Acres $380's AHER Builders, Inc. 336-682-1799
Meadowlands $400's Tim Maxey Builders 336-816-3699
Oak Valley $300's H & H Homes 336-725-0506
Olde Fields $350's Olde Fields Development 336-725-0506
Pheasant Ridge $375's Multiple Builders 336-768-3300
Piper's Ridge East $379's Siena Signature Homes 336-225-3775
Provence $300's W. Wayne Frye Org, Inc. 336-345-0526
Reynolds Run $350's AHER Builders, Inc. 336-792-0354
Rutherford $240's Shugart Homes 336-909-3602
Saddlebrook $300's Windsor Homes 336-339-4903
Sage Creek $350's Isenhour Homes 336-768-3300
Salem Glen $360's Multiple Builders 336-345-3499
Sam Meadow $375's AHER Builders, Inc. 336-407-1205
Speas Meadow Mid $300's Reliant Homes 336-782-6291
Spring Lake Farm $300's Custom Homes by Hamrick 336-817-8408
The Lake at Lissara $350's Bean Builders Inc. 336-416-5122
The Lake at Lissara $350's Multiple Builders 336-399-0445
Waterford Glen $300's H & H Homes 336-444-3022
Homes from $400,000
Arbor Place $500's Taylor Development LLC 336-407-9222
Arbor Place $550's Isenhour Homes/Trent Adams 336-407-9222
Arbors at Meadowlark $500's Lee Riddle Construction 336-978-0311
Arbors at Meadowlark $500's Wishon & Carter Builders Inc. 336-469-0507
Arbors at Meadowlark Mid $400's Leonard Ryden Burr Builder Team 336-978-0311
Arrowhead $400's Arena Builders Assoc LLC 336-399-2586
Ash Grove $475's Arden Communities 336-399-1197
Audobon Village $750's Trent Adams Properties 336-669-6268
Bartram Place $900's D. Stone Builders 336-779-9211
Brookberry Farm $450's Darren Burke Construction 336-399-6541
Brookberry Farm $750's Trent Adams Properties 336-669-6268
Brookberry Farm $400's Multiple Builders 704-813-5459
Brookberry Farm $500's Bean Builders Inc. 336-416-5122
Brookberry Farm $550's Arena Builders Assoc LLC 336-399-2586
Brookberry Farm $600's Homes By Jonathan Lee Inc 336-766-7715
Buena Vista $600's D. Stone Builders 336-288-9393
Buena Vista $800's Arden Communities 336-813-6775
Carriage Manor Cove $700's W. Wayne Frye Org, Inc. 336-345-0759
Cedar Trails $750's Trent Adams Properties 336-382-3076
Chatham $1,200,000 Homes By Jonathan Lee Inc 336-766-7715
Chatham $1,200,000 Matt McChesney 336-768-3300
Cliffmoor $500's Multiple Builders 336-407-9222
Covington Place $450's AHER Builders, Inc. 336-792-0354
Estates at Lissara $500's Lissara Partners, LLC 336-725-0506
Estates at Lissara $550's Darren Burke Construction 336-399-6541
Kilkenny $450's Phillip Westmoreland Builders 336-978-8733
Lake at Lissara $600's Homes By Jonathan Lee Inc 336-766-7715
(The) Lake at Lissara $700's Sam Morgan Custom Homes 336-345-2055
Lake at Lissara $850's Lee Riddle Construction 336-345-1041
Lynhaven Crossing High $400's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Magnolia Acres $425's J Reader Construction 336-414-0209
Meadowlark Estates $650's Dipak L. Soin Builders 336-399-5584
Milburn $475's Isenhour Homes 336-407-9222
Mill House Place High $900's Sam Morgan Custom Homes 336-345-2055
Montrachet $500's Arden Communities 336-749-8753
Pendleton $600's Taylor Development Group 336-407-9222
Pendleton $600's Trent Adams Properties 336-382-3076
Petree Ridge High $400's HFE Construction, LLC 336-817-4984
Riverway on the Yadkin $425's Darren Burke Construction 336-399-6541
Riverway on the Yadkin $500's Lots from $125K Open Builder Plan 336-399-9194
Salem Glen $400's Veritas Construction 336-404-1522
Shelburne Village @ Camelot $600's Homes By Jonathan Lee Inc 336-766-7715
Shelburne Village @Camelot $500's Keith Rogers Homes 336-725-0506
Sherwood Forest $650's Halcyon Homes LLC 336-768-3300
Sherwood Forest-Camelot at $750's Trent Adams Properties 336-669-6268
Spicewood Trails $450's Karl Stimpson Builders, Inc. 336-345-1493
Spicewood Trails $450's Select Builders 336-480-5404
Spicewood Trails Mid $400's Reliant Homes 336-782-6291
The Glade at West End $600's Richard Alexander 336-287-3330
Condominiums, Townhomes, Patio Homes - All Price Ranges
Friedberg Village $170's Keystone Homes 336-500-1638
Meadowfield View Twinhomes $240's Arden Communities 336-682-6822
Millhaven Landing $300's Elite Living 336-202-9311
Sunny Brook Village $180's LRIG, LLC 336-725-0506
Twin City Lofts $480's GEMCAP 336-575-4751
Whitehall Village $170's Keystone Homes 336-500-1638