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Smarten-Up Your House

The term “smart house” is often used in such a way that implies an all-or-nothing status: either a home was built to be smart, or it wasn’t and therefore shall never be. Fortunately for us all, this isn’t the case. We’ve gathered a number of products which can be purchased and simple upgrades which can be made. You’ll be shocked about how just a few of these changes will turn your house into the smartest one on the block.

Whether you realize it or not, you may have already purchased the “brain” of your smart home. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then you’ve already got a device which can connect with the below-described gadgets over your home Wi-Fi network with their respective apps. Electronic assistant hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home can also serve as your command center. These friendly products can do much more than change the music or tell you the weather forecast.  Like tablets and phones, they also connect with smart home devices via Wi-Fi to allow for voice-activated control. Of course, it’s always crucial to confirm that a given smart device is compatible with your system before purchasing it.

Smart House

A “dumb” device can be brought up to speed with a simple upgrade. A smart plug adapter gives you the ability to remotely turn on anything which plugs into a wall. Smart lightbulbs have a 20-year lifespan and can be screwed-into any lamp, sconce, or chandelier which will accept them. Furthermore, you can get one of either of these Internet-ready gizmos for less than two movie tickets.

It’s easier than most people realize to bring a home’s security system into 2018. Doing so will allow you to monitor and operate your network with a smartphone from anywhere.  Can’t remember if you turned on the alarm? Not a problem, you can do it from work. Want to review your living room camera feed to make sure the cat isn’t clawing up your cushions? Piece of cake. You can even lock your front door with the press of a button from anywhere with cell reception. A few longstanding security providers have recently rolled-out smart options, so if you’re locked-into a contract with one of them, you may nonetheless be able to upgrade your system through them.

If you want to take your upgrading to the next tier, then there are entire product lines of kitchen fixtures with smart capabilities. We live in a time in which stoves can come with a finger-drag function which allows for precise temperature adjustment- no knobs required. Adjust the temperature of your smart oven without even having to touch it. And, most importantly, no more changing the stove clock when daylight savings time ends!