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Sportscenter Athletic Club - A Mecca for Fitness

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A Mecca for Fitness

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•  Indoor and Outdoor Pool  •  Aquatics  •
•  Fitness  •  Pilates  •  Group Fitness  •
•  Personal Training  •  Nursery  •
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•  Basketball  •  Racquetball  •  Volleyball  •  Tennis  •

There’s a saying that goes “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” The staff at Sportscenter must embrace that saying because most of them were members at Sportscenter long before they began working there.

That says something important about the staff and more importantly, it says something about Sportscenter. This is a gym that inspires and nurtures a passion for fitness and all the good things a fit body adds to one’s life. That passion extends beyond the staff to the members over 100 of whom have been continuous members of Sportscenter throughout its entire 16 year in business.

The facility was the brainchild of owner Sammy Johnson who not only designed the building but supervised its construction and still oversees operations along with his sons, Sam and Matthew. It’s easy for members to see that Johnson still has a passion for his vision today. The facilities themselves are beyond compare.

No other gym in the Triad has two enormous pools, one indoor and one outdoor, complete with hot tub, tennis courts and even an outdoor volleyball court, available for its members. The pools are immaculate, just as the entire complex is. With over 300 pieces of equipment under roof, you won’t find any equipment that is not in tiptop working order. The place is crisp.

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So Many Options
Members cite the options available to them as a prime reason for loving Sportscenter. There are so many workout options and workout areas that boredom is not a problem, and let’s face it, boredom is a key reason many are not able to make fitness a center point of their lives. Keeping things interesting keeps you engaged.

Some options at Sportscenter appeal to only a select group; racketball and indoor basketball courts are examples. But other options appeal to almost everyone.
To name just a few:

  • extensive cardio machines from stairclimbers to cycles
  • an indoor running track for climate-controlled walking and jogging
  • an extensive free-weight area for old-school bodybuilding or weight machines for new-age body toning

The facility is so large that workout areas are spread throughout the gym, meaning you can select a different “environment” for your workout daily.

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The Programs
Today’s gyms go beyond the individual workout, and Sportscenter is no exception. Amber Gregory, who happens to be Sammy Johnson’s sister, manages the Pilates and Reformer program. Sportscenter has six reformer machines; Amber is skilled at this specialized training.

Personalized training is great for professional athletes, but it is also hugely advantageous for “regular folks.” Utilizing proper technique not only prevents injury but also helps one to get much more out of their training regime. The personal trainers at Sportscenter can craft regimens that help your body respond to workouts. They also provide motivation to keep one moving forward.

Members have unlimited access to a variety of classes including yoga, spin and body pump as well as aqua classes and a program titled AOA for Active Older Adults. All classes are included in the membership fee.

Interested in taking up a new sport? There are private lessons available for tennis and racquetball. There are frequently special opportunities where newbies are welcomed to join the regular players.

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It’s the People
There is another aspect of Sportscenter that is more difficult to precisely define. It’s the vibe. The members are friendly. There also is a sense of collegiality among the members so whether you are a member who has worked for years sculpting your body or you are just getting into working out on a regular basis, a camaraderie is evident among Sportscenter members. It’s difficult to define, but it’s special and definitely there.

All in all, it is difficult to find a gym that has what Sportscenter offers. You must experience it to really appreciate it but beware: once experienced, you may never leave.

Just ask those 100 members that are going on their 17th year of membership at Sportscenter.

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