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Stainless Cable & Railing

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Outdoor Living Expands Your Castle

One of the special attractions of living in Piedmont North Carolina is the weather. The great out-of-doors beckons almost every month of the year, but the absolutely gorgeous days come in spring, summer, and fall.

The exceptional weather makes an outdoor living area one of the best investments a new homeowner can make. A deck attached to your home can be the most useful and usable space in your house. Traffic flows easily to and from the deck, making this space a true extension of the indoor living area. Services that keep mosquitoes at bay is a boon which makes outdoor living even more practicable.

Decks today are designed in every configuration, limited only by the imagination; however, the railing you choose can add additional style and utility. Recent developments in the railing market have created a variety of material and style options that offer the same safety as old-fashioned wood pickets without the bulk and high-maintenance.

One of the most popular options is cable railing which offers minimalist design, showcasing the view beyond with a clean, simple line and a fresh, modern look. The open design creates an illusion of space so smaller decks and other railed surfaces seem larger. Both indoor and outdoor spaces feel more open and interconnected rather than cut off by a heavy railing system.

Cable railings work with any decorative or architectural theme, providing both safety and a visual accent to an indoor-outdoor area. They can be designed for decks, stairs, balconies, pool areas, second-floor open walkways, garden paths, and even landscaping.

A Cable Railing Primer

Easy on the Eyes.  A taut cable railing system with a thin, geometric frame provides crisp lines unmistakably modern.

Easy to Maintain.  Cable Railing will continue to look great for years with little maintenance. The frame and cable require occasional cleaning and tensioning only when noticeably necessary.

Easy to Install.  Most systems come with step-by-step instructions and pre-drilled posts.

Open Views

Minimal Design.  Unlike traditional pickets, which often have bulky frames, cable railing is so thin and simple that it doesn’t distract from its surroundings. A cable railing system consists of a frame, made of a top rail, and posts, with cable infill.

Truly Clear.  The minimal design of cable railing is ideal for view-gazing, and after installation; remains ideal. Enjoy the breeze and the scenic view that glass walls block, no matter how clean they are.