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New Homes in Triad/Products/Carolina Custom Surfaces - Kitchen

Trends in Kitchen and Bath Countertops

Consumer tastes in new-home d├ęcor are always changing in every thing from color schemes for the walls to design in countertops.

Countertops today are aimed at achieving that special look with low to no maintenance. The top two factors driving consumer selections for countertops. Laminate is still a popular choice, primarily due to its affordability and ability to adapt to meet current color trends.

Concrete counters are a high-end option that attracts the public eye, but many have found maintenance issues, especially staining and chipping, to be an insurmountable problem. Some consumers are turning towards Quartz countertops or engineered stone to achieve the same utilitarian look as you can get with concrete and natural marbles while not giving up the low maintenance with easy use and care.

Many of the Quartz manufacturers have colors that mimic some of the concrete colors.

New Homes in Triad/Products/Carolina Custom Surfaces - Kitchen
Pictured is "LG Viatera Quartz Rococo". It is a modern material with the look and feel of real marble,
but without the maintenance worries inherent to granite.

Today the most popular choice is white to slightly off white with grey to charcoal grey veining. Professionals mention “movement” in the patterns as a current trend. Movement refers to colors that marry into the overall pattern of the Quartz for a special “natural look” in the finished product. Quartz products, which are well suited for these trends, are growing steadily in popularity. They appear to be here to stay, commanding a share of the market similar to what Natural Stones currently do.

Natural Stones, such as Granite, Marbles, and Soapstone, remain popular with homeowners. They are the number one requested countertop material with broad appeal.

The newest category of countertop surface products, called ultra-compact, has a porcelain type surface. Two of the leaders are Cosentino’s Dekton and Neolith’s “The Size” surfaces. These products offer an extremely durable surface, usable both indoors and outdoors. This new material comes in eye-catching colors, as well as designs inspired by various natural stones, minerals, industrial materials, textiles, wood, marble, and even steel. Both brands offer a wide range of colors, derived from pigments found in nature, guaranteeing color stability over time without any pigment deterioration.

One thing is certain:  Product choices for countertops are wide, varied and ever increasing. The folks at Carolina Custom Surfaces (336-299-3030) have outfitted their showroom to allow new-home buyers to learn about all of these materials, the up and down sides of each, and make color selections from their huge displays. The showroom and manufacturing facility are located near Sandy Ridge Road and I-40 at 100 Landmark Drive in Greensboro. Showroom hours are 9-5 Monday thru Friday.

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