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Triad Housing Sales Looking Up

New Homes in Triad/News & Announcements/Triad Housing Sales Looking Up Schumacher Homes, an expert on the real estate market, recently released new stats showing the benefits of buying a new home in a slow market.

The graphic shown here examines the expensive costs of remodeling an older home and outlines the positive features new homes have due to being energy efficient and offering the opportunity to customize to suit the individual’s lifestyle. It also explores the debate between the financial security of renting versus buying.

Buying a new home may seem like a lot of money, but the savings add up quickly when you purchase a new house. Rather than getting strapped with unforeseen renovations and repair costs from an old home, you know exactly where your money is going in a new house. Schumacher Homes helps you customize the perfect modern home for your lifestyle in a simplified and completely transparent process.

A quarterly report on the Greensboro housing market indicates some people are heeding Warren Buffett’s advice, to wit, “Now is the time to buy a house.”

Economist Don Jud in a report for the Triad Multiple Listing Service, cites low prices as one of the reasons for his affirmative view. “Housing prices have gotten so low, people are saying, ‘Wait a minute,’” while taking a second look at buying a new home.

Jud, professor emeritus of finance for the UNCG School of Business and Economics and the principal of Jud and Associates, notes three facts: the amount of time houses stay on the Guilford market has gone down, the fact that there is little discounting in the local housing market, and inventory-to-sales are down. The conclusion: “We are not likely to see this again in our lifetime.”