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Triad New Home Guide - Winter 2016

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Celebrating 50 Years of Great Neighborhoods in the Triad

Grover Shugart

On the eve of a new year, Grover Shugart, one of the Triad’s most successful homebuilders, is optimistic about homebuilding in the Triad. As his company, Shugart Homes, celebrates its golden anniversary this year, he obviously knows what he’s talking about.

Founded in 1966, Shugart Homes, formerly Shugart Enterprises, has a sterling reputation as a builder of highest skill and integrity which lends extra weight when he opines, “We were slow coming out of the recession, but the forecast for the Triad is that we will continue to be on a slow, steady growth through 2021.”

A Golden Anniversary is a good time to look back as well as forward, acknowledging some of the achievements and challenges throughout his half century of homebuilding in the Triad.

Q. How did you get started in the building/real estate business 50 years ago?
A. I was working at RJ Reynolds when I got into the real estate business part time. I was listing and selling homes for a builder, and it ended up that we were selling more homes than the builder could build. So a friend of mine, Harold Shull, and I decided to go into business together and we started Shugart Enterprises.

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Q. To what do you credit your longevity and success in the building industry at this point?
A. There are several reasons: First, surround yourself with loyal employees who care about what they do and the success of our company. Second, continue to build quality and care into each home, focusing on customer service. And finally, seek the support of the local real estate community. To show our appreciation, we will be kicking off 2016 with our Annual Realtor Event in February. Also, in celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Shugart Homes, we will award a one-ounce gold bar every month to a lucky Realtor who sells a new Shugart home.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge over the years in this industry?
A. The last recession. It hit us all at once; we didn’t think it would last as long as it did. What it took to be successful when things were good is what hit us the hardest when things went bad. We had an abundance of land and lots which were necessary to be on top. As the economy kept getting worse and the banks became uncooperative, the biggest challenge by far was the financial difficulty that the abundance of land created in the recession.

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Shugart Homes feature open floor plans with liveable spaces suited for today’s busy families and gathering areas for entertaining.

Q. What are the biggest changes you have seen over the years in your business?
A. As a small, hometown builder, competing in the market with national builders, is a learning experience. We are continually trying to streamline our systems to increase productivity. I also think that employment, the financial market and technology have always played a major role in this business.

Q. What are the largest challenges in the local housing market this year and in 2016?
A. Land and lot availability. Since banks are not lending money for land and land development, many developers suffered when the recession hit. We are continually looking for land opportunities to create more new home communities in the Triad.

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Q. What specific area is thriving today in the Triad?
A. Our sales are great throughout the Triad, but our communities in Alamance County have performed really well. We have just acquired lots in Hideaway Village at the Challenge Golf Course in Graham which we are now selling. The Raleigh housing market is moving west so we are concentrating on expanding in that area.

Q. What are some of the focal points that the consumer is most interested in when buying a home?
A. Spacious open floor plans. Families today are not interested in formal living rooms or formal dining rooms. Entertaining remains a major focus with a concentration on the kitchen. They are looking for plans that incorporate the family room, kitchen and breakfast rooms all in one area while tying Outdoor Living into that formula, expanding the family area into the outdoors. And now we are starting to see multi-generational households. To meet this need, we have incorporated plans with dual master bedrooms for families that live together.

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Q. What are your thoughts about the Triad market over the next five years?
A. We do a lot of research, using market research firms and technology. While the Triad is not a peak-and-valley market, the market is showing a slow, steady growth with no deep recession ahead. Therefore, we have increased our marketing budget, added a marketing consultant, and rebranded our company as Shugart Homes in preparing to celebrate our 50th anniversary this year.