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Byron Development

Triad New Home Guide - Fall 2016

Byron Development, LLC is one of the largest residential developers in the Triad, and certainly the largest in the rapidly growing Center Grove area of northern Guilford County. Since 2012, Byron and its predecessor, 7 CCC, LLC presented to the Triad 16 residential subdivisions, totaling approximately 360 lots, of which 296 are sold, and an additional 11 are under contract to be purchased. Byron Development currently has five additional subdivisions in the planning and/or development phase, that totals 156 lots, with 86 of those lots pre-sold. In less than five years, Byron and its related entities will have produced in the Triad 21 subdivisions, for a total of 516 residential lots with a market value of approximately $35,000,000, and when newly constructed houses are built upon those Byron lots, it will produce a tax base of over $200,000,000. Byron Development, a local Greensboro based company, through its team members, has a combined 80 years of development experience. The team members are lead by Herbert B. Parks, as the C.E.O. and supported by Patrick Donnelly, as its C.O.O., Cassandra Cox, the head of legal, Julie Auman C.F.O., Evan Benson Financial Relations, Glenn Parks Construction Manager, and Chris Parks Maintenance Manager.

As a single-family residential development company within Guilford County, the team at Byron Development continues leading the way by creating environmentally practical, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable first class subdivisions. Byron Development communities are developed to bring families together, and the team members make every effort to ensure a positive impact not only on the lives of the Byron residents but all the Guilford County residents for generations to come. Byron Development has created relationships with some of the best national, regional, and local home builders in the Triad. These relationships have enabled Byron the opportunity to offer lots to a wide spectrum of the market with spec and custom homes ranging in value between $325,000 to over $1,000,000.

Byron continues to move away from “Builder Team” controlled developments, where a consumer may love a certain community, but would prefer a different builder than the required builder allowed in that community. Byron feels strongly that a consumer should be allowed to utilize the builder of their choice in any subdivision, provided the builder complies with the requirements of the subdivision. A large part of Byron’s continued business strategy in 2017 will be to market directly to the consumer for individual lots, and where the buyer can pick the builder of their choice.

The Byron team recognized over the last several years the potential financial burden to every resident when a homeowners association finds itself paying for an amenity package, such as a community pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse, it cannot afford. To resolve this issue, the Byron team is planning to introduce the use of centrally located amenity packages for the exclusive use of the residents in any Byron Development subdivision. This centralization of the amenities allows the operational cost of such amenities to be spread over a larger residential base rather than by a single HOA being responsible for cost to maintain properly it cannot afford, and more importantly, by utilizing memberships to these amenities then only those that use them should pay for them. In addition to the new centralized amenities, Byron through its ownership of the widely successful and popular Greensboro National Golf Club, will also offer golf memberships to residents in the Byron subdivisions.

Greensboro National Golf Club

Byron will continue to lead the way in developing innovative, and economically viable residential single-family subdivisions in Guilford County by going above and beyond any required codes to ensure land is developed properly from the day it breaks ground to years after the last house is sold in the subdivision. The goal during the planning and design phases of a new site is to make every effort to maintain the character of the land by maintaining the existing trees and nature’s natural features. Byron believes this is the reason why so many landowners contact their team when considering the sale of their property and developing their land, why so many builders enjoy building, and residents enjoy living in a Byron Community.